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We offer turmeric in both whole and ground form. Our turmeric powder manufacturing facility is located in Theni which is strategically located close to the hilly growing regions of Kerala that are famed for the Allepey Finger Turmeric. The facility has an installed capacity of 1500 metric tons of turmeric powders.

Turmeric Granulation Curcumin Content
Allepey Finger Turmeric Whole min 5%
Madras Finger Turmeric Whole min 2%
Turmeric Powder 50-60 mesh astm test 5% min
Turmeric Powder 50-60 mesh astm 2% min


We offer both whole dry ginger and ginger powder. We are among the very few processors of fresh ginger. We purchase fresh ginger directly from farmers. The fresh ginger is then washed, cleaned, peeled and dried to desired levels before further processing into ground ginger or exported as dry ginger.

Whole Dried Ginger Granulation
Ginger Powder 40-60 mesh

Other Spices

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Black Pepper
Curry Leaf

Processed Spices

Spice Powders Images Availability
Chilli Powder Year Round
Crushed Chilli Year Round
Turmeric Powder Year Round
Ginger Powder Year Round
Coriander Powder Year Round
Black Pepper Powder Year Round
Cumin Powder Year Round
Curry Leaf Powder Year Round